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Face care with Morjana cosmetics

Face care with the cosmetics Morjana.

Cost: 85 roubles.

Traditional SPA ritual ‘Trip to Marrakech» with black soap and loofa-like glove named a Kessа.

Dive into the ocean of pleasures and intoxicating world of aromas. It is care through genuine beauty secrets of Morocco: 100% Shea oil ensures maximum moisturizing, the traditional Eastern self-care product – black soap – takes great care of your skin and does not dry it, a Kessa glove ensures gentle scrubbing effect.


Amazing antistress beauty ritual with green tea and berbine ‘Treasures of Medina’.

Cost: 115 roubles.

You will be wrapped up by a fresh and mesmerising aroma of exotic berbine and green tea. It is care with the intent to reduce your body size and reshape youк silhouette with relaxing and nourishing effects. Active ingredients: green tea extract, lemon berbine oil, iron tree nut powder.


Beauty ritual ‘Luxury of Amber’

Cost: 85 roubles.

The ritual has detoxifying, anti-cellulite and tonifying effects. It softens your skin well, cleanses and restores your mineral balance. Your body is wrapped up in a tender warmth and sensual aroma of amber, your muscles are relaxed. Active ingredients: amber extract, iron tree nut powder, white clay and coffee.


Milk and honey beauty ritual ‘Royal’.

Cost: 85 roubles.

The care is based on traditional and natural Moroccan products: amazing honey scrub with almonds, body mask with honey extract and milk proteins, the ultramoisturizing body gel ‘Melting honey’. The ritual stimulates collagen production, moisturizes, saturates your skin with microelements and increases microcirculation in the skin. Active ingredients: honey extract, milk, silicon.