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Pearl baths

Cost: 11,00 roubles.

Duration of a session: 20 minutes.

Aromatic hydrotherapy massage bath (sea, rejuvenation effect, antistress, recuperation effect, muscle relaxation, healing force of herbs and minerals) cost: 10,00 roubles.


Hydrotherapy massage bath are a type of water treatment that brings therapeutic effect due to a combination of healing forces of water and air. Coming out of special nozzle apertures the bubbles of air bring along the water flows and create a pleasant air massage effect having a gentle effect on your body. A nice temperature mode as well as maximum relaxation help to work on the deepest and hardly approachable parts of your body that are not always accessible for a specialist during the mechanical massage.

Grounds: emotional and physical exertions, chronic fatigue syndrome, metabolism disruption, stress, hypertension, insomnia, etc.

Hydrotherapy massage bath can be finished with underwater - hydro massage which means massage is performed underwater by means of a water spray under increased pressure. Underwater - hydro massage cost: 18,00 roubles.

A full course of treatment usually includes 10-15 sessions depending on the desired results and doctor’s recommendations