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Pneumatic compression therapy

Cost: 12,00 roubles.

Duration of a session: 20 minutes.

Количества процедур в зависимости от назначения врача.


Are you feeling heavy in your legs? Would you like to increase your working capacity? Are you searching for methods to improve your shape and successfully tackle overweight problems? Does chronic fatigue rob you of all your strengths and energies?

The pneumatic compression therapy gives quick and successful results in prevention and treatment of venous and lymphatic disorders.

Through special boots compressed air under a certain pressure and with the set frequency influences subjacent tissues of a human increasing active nature of the cells that are responsible for fat breakdown, at the same time oxygenating your skin and helping ous excessive extracellular fluid. Lymphatic congestion (lymphostasis) is frequently observed with individuals leading a sedentary way of life. Lymph nodes being formed as a result of the above accumulate toxins and cellular debris, which leads to general toxication of your body, decrease in your working capacity, weakening of the immune system, oedemas and cellulite development.

Expected effect:

Pneumatic compression therapy is also good at cellulite treatment, it improves blood circulation, tonifies vessel walls, improves metabolism, rejuvenates your body in general, removes oedemas, strengthens your immune system and has numerous healing effects. Therapeutic effect from pneumatic compression therapy will be better together with other SPA services of the ‘Isloch – Park’ health and recreation center. Consult a doctor before use.