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The Charcot douche.

Cost of the therapy: 10,00 roubles.

Duration of a session: 7-15 minutes.

Number of therapies depends on the doctor’s recommendations.



During the therapy a water current under 3-4 atmosphere pressure is directed at the person’s body. High water pressure and change of temperature modes during the session: from +35°С at the beginning of the treatment course and +15 °С at the closing stage have revitalizing effect on all organs and systems of the body.

The Charcot douche stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system, improves metabolism, tonifies muscles, helps overcome depression and ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’. The therapy is effective when you have joint-related diseases as well as peripheral nervous system disorders. It is an excellent method together with other therapies in pursuit of the goals of weight loss and cellulite treatment.

Contraindications are: inflammatory processes at their acute stage, infectious diseases, skin diseases, pregnancy.

Therapeutic effect of the body revitalization from the Charcot douche will be more effective together with other SPA and health-related therapies of the ‘Isloch – Park’ healthcare and recreational complex.